In the Free Stuff section we offer a free download of our famous Advanced BlueVoda Form Processor. ABVFP is a full database driven form processor that will cover most if not all of your form processing needs.
You will also find useful tutorials, articles, how to's, code snippets, and more...
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   DBTechnosystems has been created with the intention to offer high quality, moderately priced PHP scripting for anyone interested. We build and install our scripts according to the client's requirements, with the highest security and functionality standards.

High Quality, affordable web software

Custom applications
Our standard products at the moment are:
Logger Lite: A user friendly, easy to install, low cost membership script.
Easy Mailer: a data base driven , lightweight but powerful mass mailer.
Secure Downloader: A e-sales script to securely sell e-products through PayPal  that allows instant download to the customer after payment.
Webshop Pro: a fully featured database driven cart script, with automatic catalog and product page   creation, stock controll, custom buttons, instant downloads, promo and tax codes, admin defined shipping countries, full database administration interface, and more.  Special offer price for bundles with Easy Mailer and  Custom Logger.
Forms, form processing scripts, Database Management Interfaces, directories, booking systems, calculators, and any other particular database application you can think of. Each application is built to the customers requirements and specifications, providing the outstanding functionality and ease of use that only custom made software can provide.
Standard Products
Free stuff!
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posted by Navaldesign  on 05/24/2009
Making a Secure Form!
Logger Lite
Lightweight  robust membership script
shopping cart
Webshop Plus
Easy Mailer
Your own private mailer
Secure PayPal
Spam from contact forms can become quite annoying, and even cause damage to your business.  What can you do to avoid it ?    Read More...
We provide installation and maintanance services for any script that you already own, but you find hard to install yourself.  We also offer our services in tracing and resolving problems you might have with your scripts, and you find hard to solve yourselves.